CityJSON v1.1.3 released
Nov 25, 2022

Patch release where the schemas are essentially the same, and where the text of the specs is better/sharper.


  • CityJSONFeatures now do not have to dereference the GeometryTemplates, those can be in the “1st line”/metadata. Dereferencing is still allowed. cjio passes the GeometryTemplates in the 1st-line now.
  • CityJSONFeature: now clear that all children (recursively) of a feature should be bundled with its parent.
  • improved the text of the specifications at several places, and fixed sentences that were not precise enough.
  • change the "uri" to "url" for the Extensions, and now the schemas can have either of these. Going forward "url" is the preferred way.
  • restructured the text for the Extensions, now a 4th use-case is added: “Defining a new Semantic Object”. It was always there but not listed as a case. Now fixed.


  • "BuildingConstructiveElement" was missing from the schemas as a CO, now added.
  • added 2 suggested conventions in the specs: file extensions .city.json and .city.jsonl

For those who want to know precisely what words changed, check the diff.


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