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RESTful + streaming beta

RESTful access

We envision CityJSON being used, exchanged, manipulated, and viewed on the web.

We have built a super simple RESTful access to CityJSON datasets, it uses Flask as a server, and the datasets are simply hosted on the server and cjio is used obtain subsets of the datasets.

The demo is inspired from the OGC API – Features and especially the pygeoapi demo, but it is not OGC-compliant (yet).

code of the demo


The demo contains the code to stream the datasets, by using CityJSONFeature.

If /stream/ is added to the URL of any collections in the demo, then a JSON Lines is returned. This is realised with cjio export --format jsonl.

MSc thesis on the topic

Xiaoai Li. CityREST: CityJSON in a database + RESTful access. MSc thesis in Geomatics, Delft University of Technology. 2021.