Example datasets

Dummy file showcasing the different possibilities

Dummy means that the values of the coordinates have no value, this is just to see how a file could look like with different possibilities of CityJSON.

Several cities around the world


The files below were automatically converted from CityGML with the open-source library citygml4j.

Original CityGML URL screenshot download files textures details
Den Haag ../_images/dataset_denhaag.png [JSON] [GML] none ‘Tile 01’, Buildings (in LoD2) and Terrain are merged
Montréal ../_images/dataset_montreal.png [JSON] [GML] none tile ‘VM05’. Buildings in LoD2
New York ../_images/dataset_newyork.png [JSON] [GML] none tile ‘DA13’. Buildings in LoD2
Rotterdam ../_images/dataset_rotterdam.png [JSON] [GML] [ZIP] neighbourhood ‘Delfshaven’. Buildings in LoD2
Vienna ../_images/dataset_vienna.png [JSON] [GML] none Buildings in LoD2
“GeoRes” ../_images/dataset_geores.jpg [JSON] [GML] [ZIP] CityGML demo. Buildings, Terrain, Vegetation, Water, LandUse.
“Railway” ../_images/dataset_railway.jpg [JSON] [GML] [ZIP] CityGML demo. Buildings, Railway, Terrain, Vegetation (with Implicit Geometries), Water, Tunnels

CityJSON compression factors

CityGML dataset CityGML size CityGML size (w/o spaces) CityJSON compression factor
Den Haag 23MB 18MB 2.9MB 6.2
Montréal 56MB 42MB 5.4MB 7.8
New York 590MB 574MB 105MB 5.5
Rotterdam 16MB 15MB 2.6MB 5.8
Vienna 37MB 36MB 5.3MB 6.8
“GeoRes” 4.3MB 4.1MB 524KB 8.0
“Railway” 45MB 34MB 4.3MB 8.1


  • Observe that the file size doesn’t take into account the size of the textures files (PNG, JPG, etc) since CityJSON refers to the same ones.
  • ‘w/o spaces’ means that CityGML files have all the carriage returns, tabs and spaces removed with this script, for a fair estimation of the compression factor